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Christian Cziommer

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Passionate about the beautiful game, Christian Cziommer has dedicated his life to the development and advancement of soccer. With a solid academic background and a wealth of coaching experience, Christian stands as a prominent figure in the world of youth sports.

Christian holds a Master’s Degree in Sport Science from the prestigious Sports University in Cologne, Germany. His credentials include a UEFA A, B and Pro License, showcasing a commitment to excellence in coaching and player development. His academic journey reflects a specialization in the training and performance of professional athletes. Christian’s expertise has earned him international recognition. As a scout for Mastercoach Int. GmbH, he contributed to the preparation of the German Women’s Soccer National Team for the Olympic Games. His analytical skills were further honed through scouting, analyzing games, and preparing comprehensive reports.

Whether on the field shaping strategies, managing operations, or guiding aspiring athletes, Christian’s passion for the sport is evident. His multifaceted experience positions him as a leader and visionary, driving positive change and innovation in the soccer landscape.