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Academic Support

Academic Support

SAI Academy boasts a dedicated team of on-staff education facilitators who actively monitor each student-athlete’s academic progress, ensuring consistent educational support. These professionals provide tailored assistance and resources, helping students navigate their academic journey while balancing their athletic commitments. In addition, SAI helps your student to make informed decisions for their future careers beyond the pitch.

Individualized Student Learning Plan

  • The goal is to enhance student support and family communication
  • We will take on the burden of tracking each student’s individualized pace and student progression throughout the semester
  • Individualized pathway for college readiness:
    • ✔ Honors courses
    • ✔ Advanced Placement courses
    • ✔ Dual Enrollment support
    • ✔ SAT/ACT prep

Academic Performance Communication

The purpose of each academic plan is to update families and coaches on the current progress.

  • Pace update
  • Assessments
  • General Announcements
  • Overdue Assignments
  • Participation

Leadership Development

SAI Academy’s Leadership Program is dedicated to shaping the leaders of tomorrow. By connecting our student-athletes with professionals across sports, business, and various disciplines, SAI provides first-hand insight into what it takes to compete and excel in today’s dynamic workforce.

Future Leader Preparation

Focus on equipping student-athletes with the skills and knowledge necessary to lead in an ever-evolving global landscape.

Professional Insights

Offer unique opportunities for student-athletes to engage with successful professionals from diverse fields such as sports, business, and other key industries, providing invaluable real-world insights.

Holistic Learning Experience

SAI Academy’s Leadership Program doesn’t just focus on athletic prowess; it emphasizes 360 development, preparing our student-athletes to be versatile, knowledgeable, and adaptable in various professional environments.

Competitive Edge in the Workforce

Expose students to various disciplines and success stories to ensure they gain a competitive edge, understanding what it takes to excel in the modern workforce.