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SAI Academy uses a modern approach via a virtual curriculum with a strong foundation of core values resulting in the successful development of exceptional student-athletes.

The curriculum provides the flexibility that student-athletes need with the guidance and instruction necessary to excel in an American curriculum. It guarantees NCAA eligibility, paving the way for diverse collegiate opportunities.

SAI has a proven track record
with current partnerships
including five MLS Clubs.


SAI Faculty

The academic leadership at SAI Academy consists of esteemed educators dedicated to preparing student-athletes for success. This team of professionals employs innovative teaching methods and flexible learning strategies, ensuring students excel while effectively managing the demands of their athletic schedules.

Sarah Chadwick

Shamini Ghay

Milan Maini

Wey Wey Wong


Flexibility & Efficiency

  • Asynchronous curriculum(s) allow for ultimate flexibility, including morning and afternoon training times
  • Travel for tournaments and games without truancy concerns
  • Student-athletes can complete their work on the road, even out of the country, to ensure consistent work, if necessary
  • SAI Academy’s pacing allows for breaks to be taken during big tournaments and/or games so that the athlete is completely focused on soccer during that time

Relevant & Modern Approach

  • Virtual curriculums allow students to work at any time that best suits their schedule
  • Student-athletes are monitored both in-person in a classroom as well as remotely during travel and tournaments to ensure progress is being made consistently
  • Students are participating in a college prep program, preparing for life outside of RSA