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Give Back


We connected with Christopher Ramirez, a professional soccer player playing in the top division of Guatemalan soccer. Chris created AFSC Verapaz or “Academia de Futbol de San Cristobal Verapaz” for his village in Guatemala. AFSC helps kids and people from many different backgrounds (some very bad) who seek, through soccer, a small but precious escape from the pressures, worries and problems they may face in everyday life. Many of the kids are unable to afford a pair of cleats, or a proper training uniform, or even a decent soccer ball. Our goal at VRSC is to collect used and/or new cleats, uniforms, soccer balls, equipment and more to provide for these kids who have very little. We will have collection bins available in the concession space. Please consider donating.

My name is Christopher Ramirez. I’m a professional soccer player currently playing with Deportivo Mixco, in the top division of Guatemalan soccer.

I was born and raised in San Cristobal, Alta Verapaz, a tiny town in the heart of beautiful Guatemala. I started playing soccer at a very young age. As I grew, so did my love for soccer, and now as an adult, I’m able to live my childhood dream every day of playing professional soccer.

Playing professionally, I’ve been privileged to see what the game means to people. I’ve seen how it ignites a burning passion and overwhelming excitement within us whenever a goal is scored or whenever a game is won or lost.  Soccer moves us.

As the years passed and I matured, I began to realize something else: soccer is not only “the beautiful game” that it is, but it’s also a powerful tool, a tool for training, teaching, and developing people, especially youth.


Living in a country like Guatemala where there is a mentality or attitude which tends to overlook youth development, I began to see the tremendous value that soccer has to shape lives and not just entertain the masses. For me, this realization was huge, since I have a strong desire to help my community, and it was in that moment that AFSC Verapaz or “Academia de Futbol de San Cristobal Verapaz” was born.

Despite San Cristobal being a small town surrounded by several small villages, its 50,000-some citizens all share a big love for “the beautiful game.”  Soccer, when done right, destroys barriers. AFSC Verapaz adopted that idea.

Understanding the role that soccer has within the community, AFSC was created to accomplish a purpose: TRAIN and DEVELOP.  We TRAIN young people in the sport while teaching and instilling core values and principles.  Those core values include “we are disciplined,” “we work hard and always give it our best,” “we are good teammates,” “we lift each other up,” “we are mentally and emotionally tough,” and “we strive for progress.” These principles serve us not only while we play, but can also be applied to everyday life, making an impact far beyond the white lines of the field.

As we are intentional and persistent with this model of training, we allow and encourage the player to practice “the beautiful game” so that he or she may DEVELOP as a person–this is our ultimate goal as an academy. We know that not everyone will go on to play pro soccer. Yet our hope and belief is that through soccer, young individuals will be transformed and grow into better people who in turn create a better environment and community for everyone around.


We’ve also been busy outside the soccer field, taking on different projects within the community like picking up trash on the streets of our town. We care about keeping it clean and beautiful. 

Just days after the trash pick-up initiative, we headed over to the local hospital to landscape, clean the playground, and plant a variety of colorful flowers and trees along the hospital road.  Hearts were filled and weeds were pulled. It was a good day!