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Elite Player Camp

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Prepare yourself to excel and exceed expectations. This camp is designed for high level players with a heavy emphasis on advanced tactics. Learn the intricacies of the game from coaches who have played at the collegiate, professional, and/or national level.

*This camp requires an application process to ensure that the level of competition is very high. 


Portion of each day devoted to:

  • Speed and agility
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Improving flexibility
  • Improving coordination and balance
  • Improving soccer-specific communication
  • Improving speed and quality of decision-making
  • Advanced footskills
  • Advanced receiving, distribution, shooting, and finishing abilities

Camps will be focused training in the morning with classroom tactical, video, recovery, and strength training in the evening.

Evening Session Curriculum

  • Recovery exercises
  • Calisthenics
  • Strength training
  • Soccer tennis
  • Video reviews
  • Player assessments
  • Individual player remediation discussion and strategy

Day 1:  Competition and General Player Assessments

  • 1v1 competitions
  • 2v2 competitions
  • 3v3 competitions
  • 4v4 competitions
  • 5v5 competitions
  • 7v7 competitions
  • 9v9 competitions
  • 11v11 competitions

Day 2:  Position-Specific Technical Assessments

  • Possession-based maze games
  • Possession-based directional games
  • Shooting and finishing games
  • Crossing and finishing games
  • Functional role exercises
  • Technical theory testing

Day 3: Position-Specific Tactical Assessments

  • Small-sided games
  • Phase of play games
  • Functional role exercises
  • Attacking verticality exercises
  • Tactical theory testing

Day 4: Position-specific Physical Assessments

  • Tactical Theory Test
  • Performance Testing Program – footskills
  • Performance Testing Program – passing and receiving
  • Performance Testing Program – speed and agility
  • Performance Testing Program – strength and power
  • Performance Testing Program – receiving and shooting