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Game Changer With Elite Wellness

The Friday Elite Wellness programs focus on nutrition & performance. They are broken up into age group and give athletes the opportunity to learn good habits. Program highlights are:

  • Provide the athletes with in classroom education and on field hands on experience to utilize on the field.
  • Provide athletes with prep for their games week to week.
  • Educate the benefits of proper strength training, nutritional support, and mental support throughout the season.

Game Changer (years 2012-2009)

Fridays at 6-6:45 PM

High School Prep (years 2008-2004)

Fridays at 6-6:45 PM

Starting the week of Dec 5th through the week of Feb 20th.

Cost: $250

Skill Level: All Levels

For questions, contact Ben So at benjaminjso72@gmail.com or 703-623-7333.

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