Leesburg, VA – VA Revolution is thrilled to unveil a supplemental national platform pathway for our youth male players with the introduction of VA Revolution Pro U19s. This expansion of their current program marks a significant step forward for young talents, offering them a direct route to professional soccer. 

The VA Revolution Pro U19s team will compete in the first division of the United Premier Soccer League (UPSL), a league known for its competitiveness and pro-development ethos. Founded in 2011, the UPSL has grown to become North America’s largest pro-development league, affiliated with the U.S. Soccer Federation (USSF) and offering clubs the chance to qualify for the U.S. Open Cup.

“The UPSL is a gateway to a type of play these players haven’t experienced before. The gap between professional and youth soccer is tactical awareness, decision making at a much higher and quicker rate,  the physical components of the game physicality and game experience,” said Christian Cziommer, Future Technical Director at VA Revolution. “By expanding our current program into the UPSL it signifies the first step in propelling these players towards a professional pathway playing in that next higher level up. By competing in this league, they’ll not only hone their skill developments but also attract attention from scouts and coaches crucial to get access to opportunities needed for their future careers for their development.”

This addition aligns with VA Revolution’s commitment to providing a robust platform that nurtures talent from grassroots to professional levels. The goal is to offer consistent opportunities for players to showcase their abilities and progress to higher tiers of the game. 

“Our mission is clear: to create a pathway that bridges the gap between youth soccer and the professional arena,” stated Niko Eckart, President of VA Revolution. “We’re adopting a European model of talent identification, scouting promising players for our fully funded U19s team with the aim of catapulting them into professional environments or top-tier college programs. The Club develops the talent, not the league, but the league can showcase it.”

The introduction of VA Revolution Pro U19s will be on a rotating player pool from our top U16-U17-U19s. This not only elevates the level of competition for young players but also opens doors for college coaches and professional scouts seeking emerging talents. This initiative underscores VA Revolution’s commitment to shaping the future of boys’ soccer while providing unparalleled exposure and opportunities for aspiring athletes. Learn more.


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Director of Communications